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How the H-1B Process is Changing

November 22, 2022
While always in high demand, the H-1B visa program is also a constant topic in the political realm. As the campaigns change in the United States, so do the policies surrounding this non-immigrant work visa. Factors such as the pandemic, supply chain issues, and an increasingly volatile economic front have impacted US workers, employers, and foreign nationals wishing to be part of the economic landscape. This article discusses these changes and how they may affect your H-1B visa petition.

Facts and Processes About the H-1B Visa

November 16, 2022
The H-1B visa is a popular document in great demand by foreign workers and US employers who wish to hire them. The steps to take to obtain this visa are straightforward, but the process is anything but simple. Here are the facts about this visa and what you need to know before you begin the application process.

How to Work With the Department of Labor to Get Your H-1B Petition Approved

November 4, 2022
When you’re applying for an H-1B visa, you will work with various government agencies throughout the process. The first step, acquiring a Labor Condition Application (LCA) approval, involves contacting the Department of Labor. This short guide walks you through what it takes to file your LCA successfully so that you can move forward with your H-1B petition application.

What are the Processing Times for the H-1B Visa?

October 6, 2022
Your employer’s first steps are done, and they’ve filed the H-1B petition on your behalf. This petition, or Form I-129, is now in the hands of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). How long it takes for them to process your application varies, but we’ll explain the parts and pieces here, so you have a general idea of your wait time.

H-1B Visa Lottery Predictions 2022-2023

September 16, 2022
The H-1B visa has traditionally been in high demand, resulting in the decision from USCIS to include a lottery. Petitioners applying for a non-cap exempt category must enter this lottery before their visa status could be considered. As of August 23, 2022, after two lotteries, the 85,000 visa quota for fiscal year (FY) 2023 has been met, with no further lottery runs predicted for the rest of the year.

H1-B Visa Transfer Caps: What Are They, and What Do They Mean for You?

September 6, 2022
Not everyone seeking to enter the U.S., change jobs (transfer), or extend their time there on an H-1B work visa is approved.  This article will explain the different cap limits and requirements for each. Knowing which type of visa application fits your qualifications can increase your chances of gaining, extending, or transferring an H-1B visa.

H1-B Visa Transfer Premium Processing

September 6, 2022
Applying for a visa is a long yet vitally important process. If you’re concerned that your visa may have delays or you won’t meet the cap, premium processing can speed up the approval and increase your chances of getting selected. In this post, we’ll cover everything related to premium processing, including what it is, who it’s best for, and how much it costs.

USCIS Adds New Categories for Premium Processing Eligibility

June 2, 2022
The USCIS will be expanding premium processing for select multinational executives as well as NIW applicant self-petitioners.

Winners For the 2023 Visa Lottery Have Been Announced

May 12, 2022
The State Department will award 55,000 diversity visas for fiscal year 2023. Confirm on their website if you have been picked in this year’s drawing.

Ways to Improve the Current Immigration Selection System

May 2, 2022
Although the U.S. increased the cap for seasonal temporary workers this year, problems remain for implementing a more targeted means for addressing labour market shortages.
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