Visa Solutions for Multinational Corporations

This visa category is ideal for managers, executives or professional employees with specialized knowledge of multinational corporations to work or immigrate to the United State. L-1A Visa and L-1B Visa are non-immigrant visas, while EB-1C visa paves the way for permanent residence. VISA2US has abundant experiences in strategizing solutions and filing application of multinational workers visas.

Individual L1A / L1B Application Process (including L-2 dependents)

As the employee working for the international company outside the U.S. continuously for one year within the three years before your application, you want apply for L-1 Visa.

What type of L-1 Visas do you qualify?
L-1A (Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager)
L-1B (Intracompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge)
Where are your located?
The United States (Change of Status)
Outside the United States (Consular Processing)

Do you have any dependents in the U.S.?

If yes, your dependents can file a Form I-539, application to extend/change nonimmigrant status, with I-129.
The employer files a Form I-129, petition for a nonimmigrant worker with USCIS between 45 days and 6 months before employment begins.
The employer submits all the L-1 filing fees.
Did your employer apply for Premium Processing ($1,440)?
15 Days
Up to 6 months
Your employer/attorney receives Premium Processing Email Notice and a physical copy of the L-1 receipt notice
Your employer/attorney only receives a physical copy of the L-1 receipt notice
USCIS begins to process the files petitions
Phase 1:
An immigration officer will review your case to ensure whether your submitted complete information, supporting documentation, and appropriate fees
You can re-file with the help of your attorney
Fail. You will be REJECTED without a refund
Phase 2:
An immigration officer will evaluate whether your evidence, background, occupation, and qualification meet the L-1 requirements
Request for Evidence
Fail. Receive an L-1 DENIAL.
Did your employer file yout L-1 with Change of Status?
(For applicants holding other types of visa in US)
Your employer/attorney receives the L-1 approval notice I-797 with I-94 indicating the validity of the Change of Status.
You can start your employment with the U.S. company.
Your dependents in the U.S. will be in L-2 status.
  1. Your employer/attorney receives the L-1 approval notice I-797.
  2. Employers send the I-797 to you.
  3. Apply for consular processing.
  4. Apply for L-2 visa, if you have any dependents accompanying you to the U.S.
  5. Prepare a square photo, complete the L-1 visa application form DS-160, and schedule an appointment with the local U.S. consulate / embassy.
Interview at the US consulate/embassy
  1. You receive 221(g) administrative processing notice.
  2. Submit supporting documentation to the US consulate/embassy.
Visa Stamp DENIAL.
Get your visa stamped.
You can start your employment with the U.S. company.
Your dependents can accompany you to the U.S. with L-2 visa.