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Filing Tips for your Green Card Medical Exam

May 16, 2022
Medical exams for green cards no longer need to conducted within a 60 day time frame of submitting your I-485 application. However, there is still a 2-year validity period associated with all immigrant medical exams.

3 Ways the USCIS Can Speed up Green Card Processing

March 28, 2022
Green card processing times vary from 12-20 months or even longer. 

What is Green Card Recapture and Does it Matter?

February 2, 2022
Green card recapture has been implemented before in the early 2000s. By freeing up more immigrant visas and reducing backlogs, this procedure also allows some non-citizens to file for an adjustment of status more swiftly.

Can you Apply for a Green Card if you Aren’t Vaccinated?

January 3, 2022
The short answer is no. Almost all green card applicants will not be able to make it through the medical exam process, an eligibility requirement, unless they are vaccinated.

Reviewing Key Questions on the I-485 Application

December 20, 2021
Section 8 on the I-485 application presents many broad, and sometimes confusing questions. Below are some insights for some questions that can easily trip up applicants as they near the completion of this USCIS form.

The Difficulties of Applying for a Green Card under TPS

December 14, 2021
There is still no concrete path to permanent residency for TPS holders because of the admissibility criteria for I-485 applicants. However, leaving the U.S. and returning lawfully could create some viable options.

USCIS Will Now Accept Dated Medical Exam Records

December 10, 2021
The 60 day rule for medical exams has been waived in order to create more efficiencies in processing green card applications.

Clarifying When You Need an Advanced Parole Document

December 2, 2021
If you are planning an international trip as a U.S. visa holder, you might be wondering if you need to apply for advanced parole. See below for the rules and instructions for who needs this type of document.

Questions that Could be Discarded on the I-485 Application

October 5, 2021
The possibility of two I-485 application questions possibly being scrapped shows how the Biden Administration is looking to rebuild the legal immigration process.

Options for Finding an Employment Offer for Visa Holders

September 2, 2021
Keeping tabs on similar organizations and being able to reach out to companies quickly and effectively means having an established network and fail-safe measures in place.
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