National Interest Waiver (NIW)

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What is the main benefit of having a National Interest Waiver (NIW) from the standpoint of an employer?

What kind of degree do you need to hold in order to qualify for a National Interest Waiver?

The USCIS will grant an NIW to applicants who can demonstrate that they meet all three conditions of the 3-prong test. What are these requirements?

Is there a fee to apply for a national interest waiver?

Where do I select that I am applying for an NIW?

What is the AAO?

Why is the case Matter of Dhanasar that was brought to the AAO in 2016, important for NIW applicants?

Are past achievements a good predictor for the USCIS to determine whether an NIW is worthy of being granted?

Why are reference letters so important when attaching them to an NIW application?

What are some other forms of evidence needed to attach to my NIW application?

If you don’t have any publications, can you still apply for an NIW?

What is the total EB-2, NIW processing time?

Is it possible to qualify for an NIW in another Employment-based preference category besides EB-2?

Is premium processing available on NIW applications?

It might be more straightforward to show evidence of abilities as a researcher, physician, or engineer when applying for an NIW, but what about artists or creatives?

How does one's salary relate to the NIW application?

What stages of the application process might require the assistance of an attorney or paralegal?

Are entrepreneurs eligible for an NIW?

What does “well-positioned to advance the proposed endeavor” mean?

What are some examples of advancing the proposed endeavor?

If you are not a teacher, is teaching still relevant to an NIW application?

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