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Walking You Through the Adjustment of Status Process From H-1B To Green Card

September 28, 2023
Foreign nationals who enter the US via the temporary visa route, like a work or student visa, often decide to stay permanently. They must apply for lawful permanent residency and obtain a green card to do this. Not all visas permit this path, but the H-1B category, also called a dual-intent visa, does, all without needing to leave the country. You just need to file an Adjustment of Status (AOS) and go through the green card process, and we’ll explain how to do that here.

Can an F-1 Or J-1 Visa Holder File for a National Interest Waiver?

September 18, 2023
Getting a green card is a dream for millions of foreign nationals worldwide, but the application process is challenging and time-consuming. It helps when you have multiple avenues open to you because then you can choose the category with the least wait time, but that’s not always possible. The National Interest Waiver is one of the shortest routes to permanent residency. However, proving to the US government that your skills and work are of the utmost national importance isn’t easy, regardless of your occupation. In this article, we’ll discuss how F-1 and J-1 scholars, postdocs, and researchers can optimize their chances of approval for this coveted NIW document.

EB-2 Retrogressions Are in the News. Is Your Country One of Them?

May 24, 2023
Occasionally in the immigration visa world, there is more demand from a particular country than the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services expected. When that happens, a retrogression may occur. In those circumstances, the State Department pushes back the final action dates for the EB-2, moving them backward instead of the typical forward momentum. This retrogression was recently announced in the USCIS May 2023 Visa bulletin as necessary to keep the number of immigrant visas under the FY 2023 limit.

Preparing for Your Green Card Interview

November 30, 2022
Obtaining your green card is crucial when you want to stay in the US permanently. In addition to complex paperwork, you’ll also need to pass an interview at a USCIS field office, US consulate, or embassy nearby. Preparing for this interview will help you feel more comfortable when you’re talking to the officer. This guide walks through what you need to know before you head to your interview.

3 Important Considerations for Work Permit Eligibility

February 3, 2022
Keep these in mind when you are applying for a work permit or when you are living in the U.S. with working authorization.

The Difficulties of Applying for a Green Card under TPS

December 14, 2021
There is still no concrete path to permanent residency for TPS holders because of the admissibility criteria for I-485 applicants. However, leaving the U.S. and returning lawfully could create some viable options.

Clarifying When You Need an Advanced Parole Document

December 2, 2021
If you are planning an international trip as a U.S. visa holder, you might be wondering if you need to apply for advanced parole. See below for the rules and instructions for who needs this type of document.

Special Immigrant Program Pertaining to Translators and Other Roles

April 29, 2021
Special immigrants who have helped the U.S. Armed Forces in wartime may be eligible for a green card in the United States. The following relates to procedural elements for this adjustment based scenario.

Green Card Holders Vs. DACA Recipients: Similarities and Differences

April 26, 2021
Some of the commonalities are the right to work, apply for a driver's license, and be issued a social security number. However, DACA recipients remain in a “limbo” phase that is not the case for many green card holders.

Different Types of Travel Documents Needed for Green Card Holders and Applicants

February 25, 2021
Leaving, or attempting to enter the U.S. without a government-issued passport can present problems for LPRs, and green card applicants who are in the midst of processing. Here are the main travel documents needed in order to avoid issues with Customs officers upon re-entry.
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