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Understanding Immigrant Mobility in 2022

June 3, 2022
Mobility in terms of overcoming obstacles and increasing incomes is an important subject when it comes to understanding U.S. immigration.

Immigrant Visa Backlog Report for May, 2022

May 25, 2022
The immigrant visa backlog report shows that in the month of May, the State Department scheduled less IV appointments than in March or April.

Filing Tips for your Green Card Medical Exam

May 16, 2022
Medical exams for green cards no longer need to conducted within a 60 day time frame of submitting your I-485 application. However, there is still a 2-year validity period associated with all immigrant medical exams.

Avoid These Errors when Submitting your I-765 Application

May 10, 2022
Ambiguities surrounding work permit application are always specific to the category of the immigrant or non-immigrant filing for working authorization. In addition, other issues like providing the right sized passport photos can affect processing times.

USCIS Announces New Work Permit Extensions For Many Immigrant Groups

May 5, 2022
The USCIS has added additional days of work permit validity for eligible non-citizens in the U.S. seeking a renewal.

Not Getting Married on your K-1 Fiancé Visa

May 3, 2022
Although there are limited options for K-1 visa holders who decide to not get married in the U.S., there are also definite circumstances to avoid in this situation.

Ways to Improve the Current Immigration Selection System

May 2, 2022
Although the U.S. increased the cap for seasonal temporary workers this year, problems remain for implementing a more targeted means for addressing labour market shortages.

Troubleshooting Guide for USCIS Applicants

April 27, 2022
Whether you need to speak to a real person or are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, there should be a list of options to consider when dealing with your USCIS application or case.

Step by Step Guide for CLEAR Health Pass

April 26, 2022
CLEAR is a safe alternative to your physical CDC card in the event that you lose or misplace your vaccination record while travelling internationally.

Current Status of Consular Processing Services in Asia

April 13, 2022
As of April, 2022, U.S. consular sections in Asia are mostly back to processing immigrant and non-immigrant visas. However, applicants in select locations can either expect backlogs when it comes to visa interviews, or the possibility or an interview waiver for purposes of efficiency or Covid-19 protocol.
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