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What's the Green Card Process Like? The Cato Institute Wants You to Play a Game and Find Out

September 12, 2023
Countless movies around the world hint at the realities behind getting a green card in the United States. But unless you’re in the system, filling out forms and waiting patiently for your particular dates to show up on the Visa Bulletin, you don’t understand the nuances and stresses involved. One company, the Cato Institute, wants to change this and ensure the general public learns about the difficulties that arise when you’re pursuing permanent residence through a green card as a foreign worker. Who is the Cato Institute, and what does their game include? We have that information here.

Why You May Benefit for a National Interest Waiver Depending on Your Occupation

August 22, 2023
Petitioning for a National Interest Waiver is a goal that brings with it copious benefits. If you’re up for the challenge, you may find the advantages you’ll receive make the complex paperwork and red tape worth every minute. However, these benefits vary based on factors like nationality and occupation. Here are certain things to consider as you determine whether a National Interest Waiver is right for your occupation.

New Requirements for H-1B Workers Changing Worksites

August 21, 2023
Foreign nationals highly covet the H-1B visa because of its many benefits. In addition to working in the United States, visa holders can bring their families, own and rent homes, and engage in most activities a US resident completes. But with these advantages comes a list of requirements the beneficiary must meet during their stay. Those terms, such as the employer and workplace listed on the H-1B visa documentation, can only change by USCIS approval. The latest requirements regarding H-1B workers changing worksites clarify how this is accomplished.

Getting a National Interest Waiver in the STEM Field

July 19, 2023
For decades, the United States has had a reputation of striving to be the best of the best. In the 21st century, this definition often comes hand in hand with creating innovative, cutting-edge technology. But the immigration policy is restrictive and challenging, making it difficult to land the top talent while awaiting H-1B lottery policies and other obstacles. However, if you qualify for a National Interest Waiver, your job in the STEM field could help you skip the long wait and obtain a visa that propels you to the front of the line of foreign workers entering the US.

Updates on National Interest Waivers for Performers

July 17, 2023
The premise behind national interest waivers is that the applicant may be essential to the US government. Therefore, there’s a misconception surrounding this visa document that only scholars fit that criteria. However, the government recognizes that performing arts are essential to the overall economy and satisfaction of the country. Over the years, legislation has evolved to include performers as an area of specialization. How can a performer claim national interest? Read on to understand what’s required in these unique situations.

National Interest Waivers for Scientists

July 7, 2023
Obtaining approval for a National Interest Waiver is an exciting step in your journey to permanent United States residency. Understandably, this is a challenging endeavor to undertake, as you must prove to the government that your skills and knowledge are essential to the overall national interest of the country. One such field that tends to fall under this category is that of scientists, and if your studies lead you into the biological science realm, you may qualify for this coveted waiver, as we’ll discuss here.

How to Create a Strong Case for a National Interest Waiver

June 20, 2023
Applicants for a work visa face a long, challenging process before their petitions are approved. Part of the delay includes finding a qualified employer to extend a job offer, then waiting for that sponsor to obtain approval from the Department of Labor (DOL) through the job certification process. Yet, when an individual has exceptional ability in fields such as science, business, arts, or an advanced degree profession, they may qualify to skip sponsorship and the subsequent wait time through the National Interest Waiver (NIW) path. For most people, the industry itself isn’t as important as the case they present to USCIS, and we’ll explain how to develop solid evidence to support your NIW plea here.

Examples of Successful National Interest Waivers

June 20, 2023
A foreign national can legally enter the United States and apply for permanent residency in various ways. One of those methods is via the Employment-Based Second Preference visa, better known as the EB-2. However, the applicant must have a job offer from a qualified US-based employer willing to sponsor them for this visa — unless the individual has the skills, education, and assets to obtain a National Interest Waiver (NIW). What is an NIW, and what are some examples of successfully obtaining one? Read on to find out.

How to Change Jobs With a National Interest Waiver

May 30, 2023
When you’re approved for a National Interest Waiver, you sponsor yourself and don’t need a job offer to get your document. The NIW, as it’s referred to, is a fast track to a green card. But to keep your place in the green card waiting line, you must continue to prove that you’re working toward the terms stipulated with your NIW, which usually means having a specific job. So, when you change employers under an NIW, it could technically affect your green card status. Here are the details you should know if you’re considering changing (or have already changed) jobs as a National Interest Waiver holder.

Is There an H-1B Overuse in Tech and Outsourcing?

May 12, 2023
The H-1B visa program has been around for decades, helping American employers fill vacancies in professional fields with skilled foreign labor. By hiring the top talents overseas, these employers help boost the US economy and prevent supply chain issues due to gaps caused by open positions. But there are holes in the system that can be abused, and studies show this may be happening right now in tech industries and companies outsourcing labor. What’s going on in these industries, and how is it affecting the H-1B visa? Read on to find out.
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