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What is the Visa Bulletin, and Why Do You Need to Read It?

June 26, 2023
The path of a foreign national to a green card is full of navigating new terms, agencies, and websites. There are hundreds of potentially helpful resources, but they aren’t all necessary for your situation. However, if you’re considering applying for a green card or you already have applied, you should pay attention to the Visa Bulletin. This resource is issued monthly by the Department of State. Here, we’ll explain what information is covered within the Bulletin and why you need to read it.

Can Your H-1B Dependent Transfer to a Student Visa?

May 11, 2023
The H-1B visa is highly sought after, partly because it allows the beneficiary to bring their dependents with them to the United States. The document permits the holder to work and live in the US for three years, with an optional three-year extension. But during that time, minors grow up and are no longer dependents. When that happens, they must obtain their own visas, such as the F1 student visa. If your child is in the transition period where they’re going to need a visa of their own to stay with you in the States, read on to find out what their options are and if transferring to an F1 status from your H-1B dependency is possible.

Here is When the 60 Day H-1B Grace Period Starts

January 4, 2023
Entering the US under an H-1B visa can be an exciting step on your career journey. But what happens when you lose the job that provides your reason for being in the country? The good news is that, unlike popular myths, you have a grace period of 60 days to find a new job or another way to stay where you are. When does this grace period start, and how does it work? We have the information you need to know here in this short article.

H-1B Dependent Children and Their Schooling

January 3, 2023
The H-1B work visa is highly sought after because of its many benefits, including the ability for the holder to bring their spouse and dependent children to the US. Children are considered dependent if they are under 21 and still unmarried. Upon entering the US, school-aged dependents have the right to attend school, but this varies depending on their category of visa status. This guide provides an overview of dependent children's rules under this category.

What Documents Do You Need for an H-1B Interview?

October 5, 2022
You’ve made it to this point in your H-1B visa journey, and it’s time for the official interview. This is your chance to shine and prove that you’re the right person for the special occupation job you were offered. However, the key to this is not just what you say; it’s the documents you bring. 

How to Know your Priority Date for Visa Processing

February 11, 2022
Your priority date is also the receipt date when the USCIS received your immigrant petition. You should keep this date handy so you know exactly when a visa number will become available per the State Department Visa bulletin.

Why was my Work Permit Application Denied by the USCIS?

September 27, 2021
Your I-765 application could be denied for many reasons. Keep in mind that being denied doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t eligible to work in the United States, but rather that your documentation is not consistent or is missing critical information.

August 2021 Visa Bulletin Updates

August 3, 2021
This months visa bulletin shows similar backlogs for employment based visa applicants for Chinese and Indian nationals. However several employment based categories remain Current for those interested in filing.

Taking a Look at the Main Differences between a Work Permit and a Work Visa

August 2, 2021
Comparing and contrasting the work visa vs. the work permit for immigrants who are interested in the powers and limits of each type.

State Department Visa Bulletin Updates for May, 2021

April 26, 2021
The May 2021 visa bulletin shows a recurring trend of long waitlists for Indian and mainland Chinese applicants in many family-based preference categories. However, at the same time, many final action dates are “current” for employment-based visa applicants from Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Central American countries.
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