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How to File an H-1B Visa Transfer

September 29, 2022
You worked hard to get your H-1B visa to work in the United States under an approved employer. But now, you’re ready to expand your career into other avenues. Can you legally transfer your job while you’re in the country on this visa, and if so, how?

What is the H-1B Visa Annual Cap?

September 26, 2022
USCIS created an annual lottery when the request for H-1B visas outweighs the number available. Does your position fall into the annual cap category? Read on to find out.

H-1B Visas for Teachers

September 22, 2022
Are you a primary, secondary, or college teacher with a job offer in the United States? You may be eligible for an H-1B visa as a foreign worker in a specialty occupation. But teachers have unique challenges to overcome to get approved for this visa. Here are all the details you need to know as a foreign professional trying to teach in the US.

H-1B Info for Physicians

September 21, 2022
Doctors are in demand around the world, so your career has unlimited borders — as long as you have a visa. If your next professional goal is to work in the United States, an H-1B visa might be your next step. Here, we’ll explain what this visa does, how you become eligible for it, and what your other options are.

Is There An H-1B Visa Grace Period?

September 19, 2022
You’ve done everything “by the book,” and you’re in the United States working under an H-1B visa. But, through no fault of your own, you’ve lost your job due to company issues or cost-cutting measures. In the past, this change in employment status meant an instant return to your home country. H-1B visa holders now have a grace period, which we’ll explain in this article.

H-1B Visa Lottery Predictions 2022-2023

September 16, 2022
The H-1B visa has traditionally been in high demand, resulting in the decision from USCIS to include a lottery. Petitioners applying for a non-cap exempt category must enter this lottery before their visa status could be considered. As of August 23, 2022, after two lotteries, the 85,000 visa quota for fiscal year (FY) 2023 has been met, with no further lottery runs predicted for the rest of the year.

What's the H-1B Visa Stamping Process Like

September 14, 2022
Your visa has been approved, and you’re on your way to the United States for your next life and career journey. But you’re not in the clear yet. Your next hurdle is the H-1B stamping process. This is where the government endorses your visa, which requires an interview, more paperwork, photos, and H-1B document verification. You’ve done the hard part already; this article will help you overcome the last obstacle to your new life.

How to Get a Green Card With an H-1B Visa

September 12, 2022
If your goal is to become a permanent United States resident by obtaining a Green Card, an H-1B visa is a great place to start. While most U.S. visas don’t permit you to work toward this goal, the H-1B visa, often called a “dual intent” visa, does. This article will cover everything you need to know on the path to your Green Card.

H-1B Visa Processing Fees

September 12, 2022
This article gives you the information you need to prepare for the fees you’ll incur as you sponsor an employee for an H-1B visa.

H1-B Visa Transfer Caps: What Are They, and What Do They Mean for You?

September 6, 2022
Not everyone seeking to enter the U.S., change jobs (transfer), or extend their time there on an H-1B work visa is approved.  This article will explain the different cap limits and requirements for each. Knowing which type of visa application fits your qualifications can increase your chances of gaining, extending, or transferring an H-1B visa.
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