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Specialty Worker Visa Fees To Increase in 2023

April 27, 2023
Each year, hundreds of thousands of specialty workers enter the US or apply for new documents to stay in the country. These applications always have fees attached to them, but the government agency processing the documents, USCIS, is working outside of its budget. To offset rising costs and enhance the working conditions of each processing center, the US Department of State agreed to increase fees for specific nonimmigrant visa applications. 

2023's Polls Show More Chinese Workers Seeking H-1B Visas

April 26, 2023
H-1B visas are highly sought-after work documents that allow the holder to enter the United States legally, find housing, and gain employment temporarily. It’s a dual-intent document, so once the holder is in the US, they have permission to start the steps to obtain permanent resident status through a Green Card. Because they also allow the beneficiary’s immediate dependents to move with them, it’s easy to see why this visa category is exceedingly popular with foreign workers around the world. However, recent polls show that one of the countries dominating the H-1B requests is China, and they’re willing to get into the US legally or illegally.

USCIS Opens First-Ever Virtual Service Center to Reduce Backlogs and Speed Up H-1B Processing

April 26, 2023
The demand for US Citizenship and Immigration Services to deplete its backlog of applications has reached the ears of the government, and a solution may be at hand. Recently, USCIS began staffing a new virtual service center where humanitarian immigration applications will be processed. These applications include visas for individuals and families of domestic violence and crimes, and removing them from the general caseload will speed up urgent applications and reduce wait time for others.

How the Eliminating Backlogs Act of 2023 Affects the H-1B Program

April 24, 2023
In each immigration visa program, there is a maximum number of documents allowed annually. Generally, more people apply for visas than the capped amount, and those who don’t receive them must wait until the next year to reapply. However, since 1992, many employment-based green cards have remained unused, with H-1B visa holders finding other ways to obtain their permanent resident status. Now, a bipartisan bill could recapture those cards and exempt them from the per-country cap, opening up more H-1B applicants to achieve their career goals in the US.

Is an H-1B Visa Right for You? Understanding the Different Work Visas

April 13, 2023
You know you want to expand your career outside of your country’s borders, and the United States has a lot to offer. All you have to do is get there! But to live and work in the US, you need a visa, with the H-1B category being the most popular. However, it’s not the only kind of work visa there is, and navigating the various types can be confusing. We’ve broken them down for you here to help you understand which one is right for you.

What to Know When You Have Dependents Under Your H-1B Visa

April 7, 2023
H-1B visas are in high demand for multiple reasons, but one of the main benefits is that spouses and children can travel with the H-1B beneficiary. Children must have birth certificates proving their relationship to the beneficiary, be under 21 years old, and remain unmarried to be considered dependent. Each individual is provided with a separate document showing their legal right to live in the US under an H-4 nonimmigrant status. The H-4 status lasts the same duration as the H-1B holder’s visa is valid, but it doesn’t provide the same benefits. When you have H-4 holders in your home, here are a few things you should know about the terms of their status.

How Passport Approval Delays May Impact Your H-1B

April 6, 2023
Entering a foreign country like the United States as a non-citizen isn’t a simple task. Each individual needs documentation that proves they have permission from the originating country, such as a visa. But they also need proof of identity accepted as authentic worldwide, and that’s where passports come into play. However, if you’re planning to travel across borders any time soon, you should know that passport approval timeframes are currently significantly delayed. This could affect your H-1B travel, as we’ll explain here.

Traveling Through E-Gates With Your H-1B Visa

April 5, 2023
As technology continues to streamline life, government officials are quickly jumping on board. Tasks that once took hours are now automated, and some travelers will notice these big changes in 2023. Instead of the manual process of reviewing passports and applying the requisite stamps, electronic entry systems using biometrics have been unveiled. This system, called e-Gates, is expected to speed up the process of customs entry, reduce human error, and, essentially, replace customs officers in standard interactions. What do you need to know about traveling through e-Gates with your H-1B visa? Read on to find out!

Proposed Fee Increases From USCIS and What They Mean for You

March 2, 2023
When an employer extends a job offer to a foreign worker, it’s never done lightly. This action comes at a cost — payable to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Labor. Yet, although those fees can seem hefty when you’re the one paying them, USCIS operates on a constant backlog due to high operating costs. The fees have stayed consistent since 2016, but in 2023, a proposed rule seeks to help reduce backlogs by increasing fees and allowing the department to streamline its processes. 

Who is Considered "Family" Under an H-1B Visa?

February 16, 2023
The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to work in the United States. It also includes immigration to those considered "family" under the law. What exactly is meant by the term “family” under an H-1B visa? Who qualifies as a family member? This article will explain who is considered “family” under an H-1B visa. Keep reading to find out more.
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