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Pilot Program for H-1B Stamping Within the US Is On Track

November 14, 2023
Earlier this year, we reported the release of a pilot program that would permit those in the US who need their H-1B visa stamp renewed to do so without leaving the country. While those domestic visa renewals have been delayed, there’s reason to believe it is back on track. Recently, Indian professionals were excited to hear the news directly from Eric Garcetti, India’s US Ambassador, that this renewal process would simplify visas for those in the H and L categories. What’s on the agenda for this release? Keep reading to find out.

This One Was Avoided, But What Impact Would a Government Shutdown Have on Immigration?

November 1, 2023
It seems like navigating a potential government shutdown is a regular part of fiscal year changes anymore. While this year’s was avoided with a last-minute deal between the two parties, conflicting values in the US government point toward an actual shutdown sooner rather than later. What would happen to the immigration system if the Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on how to fund spending? Each agency has a contingency plan in place, and we’ll explain them here.

Things You Should Know After You Get H-1B Approval

July 27, 2023
Skilled individuals who live overseas but want to work in the United States for approved employers can apply for an H-1B visa. For various reasons, this document is highly sought-after by millions worldwide. Each year, only 85,000 registrants are allowed to apply for capped job positions, and getting to this point is challenging. But once you've cleared all the hurdles and have that coveted H-1B approval in your mailbox, you're not quite done yet. Here are some of the most critical pieces of info anyone with an H-1B approval should know before moving to the US.

Specialty Worker Visa Fees To Increase in 2023

April 27, 2023
Each year, hundreds of thousands of specialty workers enter the US or apply for new documents to stay in the country. These applications always have fees attached to them, but the government agency processing the documents, USCIS, is working outside of its budget. To offset rising costs and enhance the working conditions of each processing center, the US Department of State agreed to increase fees for specific nonimmigrant visa applications. 

USCIS Opens First-Ever Virtual Service Center to Reduce Backlogs and Speed Up H-1B Processing

April 26, 2023
The demand for US Citizenship and Immigration Services to deplete its backlog of applications has reached the ears of the government, and a solution may be at hand. Recently, USCIS began staffing a new virtual service center where humanitarian immigration applications will be processed. These applications include visas for individuals and families of domestic violence and crimes, and removing them from the general caseload will speed up urgent applications and reduce wait time for others.

How the Eliminating Backlogs Act of 2023 Affects the H-1B Program

April 24, 2023
In each immigration visa program, there is a maximum number of documents allowed annually. Generally, more people apply for visas than the capped amount, and those who don’t receive them must wait until the next year to reapply. However, since 1992, many employment-based green cards have remained unused, with H-1B visa holders finding other ways to obtain their permanent resident status. Now, a bipartisan bill could recapture those cards and exempt them from the per-country cap, opening up more H-1B applicants to achieve their career goals in the US.

How Passport Approval Delays May Impact Your H-1B

April 6, 2023
Entering a foreign country like the United States as a non-citizen isn’t a simple task. Each individual needs documentation that proves they have permission from the originating country, such as a visa. But they also need proof of identity accepted as authentic worldwide, and that’s where passports come into play. However, if you’re planning to travel across borders any time soon, you should know that passport approval timeframes are currently significantly delayed. This could affect your H-1B travel, as we’ll explain here.

The Differences Between an H-1B and a B-1 Visa

April 3, 2023
H-1B visa season is upon us. The complicated visa process is further complicated by the similarly named B-1 visa. If you're considering working in the United States as a foreign national, it's essential to understand the different types of visas available to you. The H-1B and B-1 visas have significant differences that can affect your stay in the US. This article will explain the key differences between the two visas to help you determine which is best for your situation.

H-1B Holder Domestic Renewal Pilot Program Announced

March 23, 2023
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, H-1B and L visa holders living and working in the United States have had substantial uncertainty about their futures. Between the global shutdown, changing political climates, and the USCIS backlog on processing new and renewed visas, it has been a long few years for these foreign workers. But we’re happy to announce some good news around the corner just released from the State Department regarding their Domestic Renewal Pilot Program. Here, we’ll give you the basic details that have been shared with the public.

New COVID Rules Mean China's H-1B Visas Are Back, With Restrictions

February 28, 2023
Everyone has heard about the severe COVID restrictions China has had in place since the outbreak in 2020. These rules significantly impacted one’s ability to obtain and transfer their H-1B and other visas. With the recent relaxation of China’s COVID policies, travel to and from the country has become slightly easier. However, there are still restrictions you should know about before you attempt to obtain an H-1B visa.
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