Green Card Renewal/Replacement FAQ

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When will a two-year conditional green card be issued?

What form will need to file in order to remove the conditions on my two-year green card?

Once I remove the conditions of my two-year conditional green card, what happens next?

What are the supporting documents needed in order to remove conditionality from a two-year green card?

What is the filing fee for the I-751 Petition?

What is the timeline for replacing a green card that is set to expire?

How do I replace my green card from within the United States?

What is the filing fee for the I-90?

Will I need to pay for a new green card if the existing card that was mailed to me has an error?

What happens if my green card is lost or stolen while I’m traveling internationally?

What happens if I don’t renew my green card?

What happens if I try to re-enter the U.S. without my green card (because it was lost or stolen)?

What happens if my green card renewal is denied after I tried to have removed its 2-year conditionality?

How do I know if I should renew my green card before travelling internationally?

Should I renew my green card if I’m in the middle of having my N-400 application processed?

What is the commuter status?

Can you get a new job with an expired green card? Can you get a new job with an expired green card?

Where can I access the fee waiver if my situation allows me to when applying for a new green card?

Will I need to attend an interview for my green card renewal?

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