If you are applying for a green card in the United States, you will need to file an I-485 application, or what is more commonly referred to as an adjustment of status. The AOS application is also contingent upon an applicants medical history, and therefore every immigrant who is adjusting status from within the United States needs to complete their I-693 Form at some point before their green card interview.

The issue of knowing how and when to complete your I-693 Medical exam is still very relevant today, as there is conflicting information online regarding when you need to submit your exam documentation. For example, the information that is found on Boundless (an immigrant resource site) is outdated, since they have old articles on their site that date to before Covid-19 immigration policies.

Here are the most recent updates in regard to Medical Exams and Adjustments of Status:

  1. If you have read that you need to submit your I-693 Form within 60 days of concurrently filing your adjustment of status, you should know that this information is outdated. In 2021, the USCIS implemented a policy that is still in effect that extends the validity of I-693 forms past the initial 60 day requirement.
  2. You actually do not need to submit your I-693 Form at the same time you file an I-485 application. You can still bring your I-693 form to a green card interview and present it then as being valid.
  3. The chances of getting an RFE—Request for Evidence are higher if you wait to file your I-693, or plan on presenting it at a green card interview.
  4. Covid-19 immigration rules have been changed as of 2021. Your I-693 will not be documentarily complete unless you have been fully vaccinated. Note that the U.S. still does not include boosters as being fully vaccinated (i.e. many other countries including EU states only consider fully vaccinated status if you have received a booster shot).

In addition, if you are having trouble finding a physician who will complete your I-693 Form, your best option is to use the USCIS database of physicians that have been entered into the system to recommend a doctors office. The link for this database is here: https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor. Make sure to enter your zip code to populate results nearest you. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before scheduling an exam so you have a better idea of your co-pay/coverage.


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