While many who are seeking legal help will still opt for the more traditional route of seeing, or scheduling a consultation with a law office, the landscape for legal assistance has changed in recent years. Specifically as it relates to immigration and immigration law, there are newer age resources and whole online platforms that are dedicated to assisting immigration applicants that are seeking a visa or another immigration benefit in the United States.

This is the exact purpose of Visa2us.com. The online legal document service platform employs immigration lawyers and other professionals knowledgeable about immigration law and international affairs to assist them with their various immigration needs. The platform is broken down into an Immigration Blog, a Service Center, a Contact Page, a Pricing Page, and also a Why Us page, which helps explains the basic functionality of the site and what the Visa2us has to offer prospective clients.

The purpose of this post will be to compare Visa2us with AllLaw, which is another leading online immigration help platform. The two sites have dedicated space to immigration related matters, although there are significant differences between the two platforms as well. This post will uncover some of these differences and highlight where each platform really stands out.

Wide-Ranging Legal Issues

If you are seeking an online platform that is dedicated solely to immigrant related matters, you might seek Visa2us over AllLaw. This is because at first glance, AllLaw is an all encompassing legal site that has free legal resources for a variety of issues such as personal injuries, bankruptcy, child support, workers compensation, and immigration. This means if you choose AllLaw as your go to resource for immigration, you are really dealing with a more de-centralized system than Visa2us’s more tight knit team of experts.

Searching by Zip Code

In addition, a main difference between AllLaw and Visa2us, as an extension of their decentralized network, is the fact that if you are searching for an immigration lawyer, you won’t be working with anyone who is actually part of an AllLaw team. In other words, the platform hosts a search engine for immigration lawyers based on a potential clients zip code. But these will be completely different law firms based on the city, state, or zip code you enter. This is clearly different from the way Visa2us functions, as the team employs its own immigration lawyers, so if you are filling out a questionnaire on the Visa2us page, the information is routed to an internal team.

Focus on Green Cards and Immigrant Visas

Another main difference between AllLaw and Visa2us is that if you are principally seeking information, guides, and step by step procedures for immigrant related processes, Visa2us might be your best bet. Our platform does not handle immigration related matters in the categories of asylum and refugee status. Thus you will find more in-depth information on Visa2us when it comes to the step by step procedures for immigrant intent related content, whereas you might find more general information on AllLaw about a wide variety of immigrant or non-immigrant related issues.


Finally, the biggest difference is the pricing aspect. AllLaw is strictly an information based website, with a service that connects potential clients to attorneys. The site does not specify if the attorneys have to opt into this process. Visa2us essentially takes its own survey information from potential clients and uses it for pricing based on the immigration benefit the client is seeking.