Navigating the immigration process can be hard and time-consuming. Visa2us made it easy and simple for you. We turned complicated application forms into simple questions with our years of experience. So why not let us help you with our professional attorneys and account managers? We can walk you through the whole process and avoid any mistakes!

Visa2us provides a paper-free procedure for immigrants to apply for a marriage green card, adjustment of status, U.S. citizenship fast and with ease. We have the top-tier attorneys to help you through every step of the application, and all you need is a laptop, the Internet, and a joyful mind! You can simply sit in front of your laptop with a few clicks to submit all the required documents.

File your immigration application in 3 simple steps with Visa2us

Step 1:

Good news! No more struggling with overwhelming paperwork. Visa2us is here to help. We turn complicated forms into simple questions. Simply answer the questions online. We take care of the rest.


We walk you through the entire process. We answer all of your questions and prepare the required documents. An attorney review your application package and make sure everything looks good.


We provide Premium and Attorney G28 representation packages for you. Choose a package fits your need the best.

Premium + Attorney G28 representation

Grant a professional attorney in the Visa2us network to represent you and help you accelerate your immigration process. A selected legal representative handles applications, petitions, and appeals.


We have your application package ready! Download all the documents we prepare for you. All you need to do is sign and mail to USCIS.

Read more about our pricing and packages.

Why you need to choose Visa2us

Is Visa2us legit? Can I trust Visa2us? Yes, definitely! We have professional, independent attorneys in our network, and dedicated account managers to walk you through the application, review your documents. We are here to take away your anxiety about the immigration process and help you avoid any possible mistakes. Why Visa2us is your best choice, here are some reasons for it.

Simple data submission

Visa2us transforms the complex data requirements into simple questionnaires. Applicants only need to answer the questionnaire once and Visa2us will get all the required documents prepared.

Reasonable Price

Save thousands without compromising quality for your immigration application. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars to hire an attorney for your case. We got experienced, independent attorneys in our network and dedicated account managers to help you through the entire process.

Free from paperwork

Through the tailored questionnaire, all necessary documents will be in place and stored in our valued customer dashboard for customers’ review, before Visa2us mail it to USCIS. No more paper hassles.

Experienced attorney guarantee the process

Every applicant is assigned a dedicated attorney to provide consultation through the whole process. The attorney assures the whole application goes quick and smooth, through online instant messaging and conference calls. 

Risk-free application 

To get the application accepted and receive a green card are Visa2us’s ultimate missions. We provide the full payment return if the application is denied, to secure customers’ a risk-free, light-hearted application journey. Learn more about our 100% approval guarantee policy.

Want to start your delightful immigration journey with Visa2us today? Start your application now. Want to learn more about Visa2us? Don't hesitate to contact us at

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