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What to Do if Your H-1B Visa is Revoked

October 20, 2022
Getting your H-1B visa is an excellent step in your career, but what happens if it’s revoked while you’re in the United States? Can you and your family stay in your temporary home if you’re laid off? We’ll explain the laws and requirements about what you need to do if you face a visa revocation or layoff here.

What's the H-1B Visa Stamping Process Like

September 14, 2022
Your visa has been approved, and you’re on your way to the United States for your next life and career journey. But you’re not in the clear yet. Your next hurdle is the H-1B stamping process. This is where the government endorses your visa, which requires an interview, more paperwork, photos, and H-1B document verification. You’ve done the hard part already; this article will help you overcome the last obstacle to your new life.

What are the Best U.S. Cities for Immigrants to Move to?

May 6, 2022
Taking a closer look at U.S. cities that offer immigrants a municipal ID, universal pre-school, affordable rents, and increased wages.

Step by Step Guide for CLEAR Health Pass

April 26, 2022
CLEAR is a safe alternative to your physical CDC card in the event that you lose or misplace your vaccination record while travelling internationally.

3 Important Considerations for Work Permit Eligibility

February 3, 2022
Keep these in mind when you are applying for a work permit or when you are living in the U.S. with working authorization.

Renewing your Green Card After a Legal Name Change

January 24, 2022
If you need to replace to your green card because of a legal name change, be sure to attach your local court documents verifying the change to your I-90 application.

Can you Get a Driver's License with a Green Card?

November 10, 2021
Getting a driver's license will make your life easier in the U.S. and also offset any risk of violating U.S. immigration law by operating a vehicle without a license. Here are some helpful tips for getting started with this procedure.

Green Card Holders Vs. DACA Recipients: Similarities and Differences

April 26, 2021
Some of the commonalities are the right to work, apply for a driver's license, and be issued a social security number. However, DACA recipients remain in a “limbo” phase that is not the case for many green card holders.

The Overlap between DACA Recipients and LPR Status

December 10, 2020
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, was started in 2012 under the Obama administration and continues to be in effect for young immigrants who are looking to remain in the U.S. lawfully without the fear of deportation.

What Rights Does a Legal Permanent Resident Have in the US?

December 7, 2020
Legal permanent residence is different than citizenship in the United States. Learn what rights a legal permanent resident has.
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