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H-1B Visa Lottery Predictions 2022-2023

September 16, 2022
The H-1B visa has traditionally been in high demand, resulting in the decision from USCIS to include a lottery. Petitioners applying for a non-cap exempt category must enter this lottery before their visa status could be considered. As of August 23, 2022, after two lotteries, the 85,000 visa quota for fiscal year (FY) 2023 has been met, with no further lottery runs predicted for the rest of the year.

H1-B Visa Transfer Caps: What Are They, and What Do They Mean for You?

September 6, 2022
Not everyone seeking to enter the U.S., change jobs (transfer), or extend their time there on an H-1B work visa is approved.  This article will explain the different cap limits and requirements for each. Knowing which type of visa application fits your qualifications can increase your chances of gaining, extending, or transferring an H-1B visa.

H-1B Visa Benefits

September 6, 2022
Considering petitioning for an H-1B visa? You’re in good company. This document has long been the most popular method of obtaining permission to work in the United States from outside countries. The benefits of the H-1B visa are extensive, and if you’re a foreign professional who qualifies for approval, you’ll enjoy these advantages.

Filing Tips for your Green Card Medical Exam

May 16, 2022
Medical exams for green cards no longer need to conducted within a 60 day time frame of submitting your I-485 application. However, there is still a 2-year validity period associated with all immigrant medical exams.

Winners For the 2023 Visa Lottery Have Been Announced

May 12, 2022
The State Department will award 55,000 diversity visas for fiscal year 2023. Confirm on their website if you have been picked in this year’s drawing.

U.S. Cities that May be Difficult to Immigrate to in 2022

May 6, 2022
Some cities in the U.S. have a historical trend of hosting large immigrant communities. However, in 2022, moving to a new city might present risk factors based on several key issues.

What are the Best U.S. Cities for Immigrants to Move to?

May 6, 2022
Taking a closer look at U.S. cities that offer immigrants a municipal ID, universal pre-school, affordable rents, and increased wages.

Not Getting Married on your K-1 Fiancé Visa

May 3, 2022
Although there are limited options for K-1 visa holders who decide to not get married in the U.S., there are also definite circumstances to avoid in this situation.

Ways to Improve the Current Immigration Selection System

May 2, 2022
Although the U.S. increased the cap for seasonal temporary workers this year, problems remain for implementing a more targeted means for addressing labour market shortages.

The Immigrant Visa Fee, Explained

April 28, 2022
The immigrant visa fee is required for most immigrant visa holders, with a few exceptions. Depending on when you pay this fee will also determine how quickly the USCIS can mail your green card.
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