Highlights From the July 2023 Visa Bulletin: Could Your Work Visa Be on the Move?

The Visa Bulletin is the go-to resource for millions of people as they wait for progress on their Green Card and other legal documents. Although it’s an essential part of the process, it can be challenging to understand this bulletin when you’re new to the system or if you simply want to know about your specific country and visa category. Here, we’ve summarized the highlights of the July 2023 visa bulletin to let you know if your work visa is on the move, stagnant, or possibly retrogressed.

What’s Included in the Visa Bulletin

In the past, the Visa Bulletin has included information pertinent to the times. This means it will continually evolve, which has happened this month. Now, you’ll see a summary of the availability of immigrant numbers in the following categories:

●     Application Final Action Dates

●     Dates for Filing Applications

The first category is unchanged from prior bulletins. However, the “Dates for Filing Applications” indicates when you, as an immigrant visa applicant, should receive a notification telling you to put together and submit all necessary documentation. This can be submitted to the National Visa Center via Consular Processing if you’re outside of the US, or you can complete the paperwork yourself within the US using USCIS Form I-485.

Summarizing the Final Action Dates

July 2023’s Application Final Action Dates are relatively unchanged from the June bulletin. Here’s a quick overview of each country’s dates:

●     India’s EB2 date of 1/1/11 continues to remain unchanged, while the EB3 date has retrogressed to 1/1/09 from 6/15/12;

●     China’s EB2 date of 6/8/19 is unchanged, as is the EB 3 date for Chinese Nationals of 4/1/19;

●     The EB3 date for WW categories stays at 6/1/22;

●     The F2A category for all countries (excluding Mexico, which remains 11/1/18) has progressed from 9/8/20 to 9/8/21.

These dates are only for those applicants with priority dates earlier than the cut-off date listed in the Bulletin’s chart.

Filing Application Dates

Ready to file your application? You might be moving forward!

The July 2023 Visa Bulletin now lists the date for categories that applicants with a priority date earlier than the listed date can go ahead and file their application. Here’s a summary of those dates:

●     India’s EB2 nationals with priority dates earlier than 5/1/12 can now file, whereas EB3 nationals with priority dates before 8/1/12 can file;

●     The date for Chinese Nationals filing for an EB2 is 7/8/19, and the EB3 date is 6/1/19;

●     The WW category of EB3s is 5/1/23;

●     F2A category applicants with all priority dates may file, as this category is now listed as Current.

Note that all chargeability areas except those listed include all countries except Mexico, Dhina, the Phillippines, and India.

What’s Next?

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I-485 Adjustment of Status

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