2023's Polls Show More Chinese Workers Seeking H-1B Visas

H-1B visas are highly sought-after work documents that allow the holder to enter the United States legally, find housing, and gain employment temporarily. It’s a dual-intent document, so once the holder is in the US, they have permission to start the steps to obtain permanent resident status through a Green Card. Because they also allow the beneficiary’s immediate dependents to move with them, it’s easy to see why this visa category is exceedingly popular with foreign workers around the world. However, recent polls show that one of the countries dominating the H-1B requests is China, and they’re willing to get into the US legally or illegally.

Background on Chinese Visas

The global pandemic caused a shutdown of visas from every country, with a gradual reopening of borders with restrictions. Over the last three years, most countries have adapted their policies and returned to border exit and entry as per their “new normal.”

China was one of the last countries to reopen its US embassies and consulates and allow immigrants and nonimmigrants to apply for visas. But as the political climate becomes tenser in China, residents want out.

Skilled Chinese Workers

Until recently, China and the US had a symbiotic relationship with strong immigration policies. Changes in China’s political climate made this difficult, and India became the US’s top supplier of skilled foreign workers.

However, China’s education system is well-known for being high-quality, and there are many of those impressive minds that want to work in the US. Thousands of applicants were part of the record-setting H-1B visa petitions in the FY2024 registration window. Yet, there’s a per-country cap on how many of those petitioners could be selected and approved.

In the meantime, those without bachelor’s degrees or higher in specialized professions are seeking other ways to get out of China.

Not-So-Legal Pathways to the US

While there are various visa categories designed to allow skilled and unskilled individuals to enter the US, not everyone is willing to wait their turn.

US Customs and Border Protection reports record a significant influx of Chinese immigrants crossing through multiple countries, using different types of transportation, and getting creative to sneak into the US. More than 4,300 undocumented Chinese migrants have already been stopped at the southern border — double the amount from all of 2022.

The theory is that those in middle-class homes have seen the change in climate and are concerned that they and their descendants don’t have the opportunities for success they once did. They think that if they don’t get out of the country now, they may not have the chance to later.

The journey from China to the US is a risky one, taking weeks or longer as migrants travel by foot if necessary. People are willing to pay for access to information regarding safe places to stay and the best crossing points. But even if they make it past the border and into the US, there’s no guarantee they’ll have better opportunities, as the US legislation continues to crack down on undocumented foreign nationals.

What’s Next?

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H-1B Visa

H-1B Visa

H-1B visa is used by businesses and organizations in the United States to employ foreign nationals with the preferred qualifications, knowledge, and expertise in a role.

I-485 Adjustment of Status

I-485 Adjustment of Status

Submit a form I-485 application to apply for lawful permanent resident status.

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

An applicant must either hold an advanced degree or have an exceptional ability in their field that would substantially benefit the U.S. to be qualified.