Updates on Embassy Reopening Predictions

Immigrants and nonimmigrants around the world have been hard hit by the global shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most businesses have returned back to their “new normal,” one sector that continues to feel the restrictions is that of US visa services through consulates and embassies. Many countries have minor restrictions that allow consulate and embassy representatives to conduct interviews, while others remain shut down for the foreseeable future. Where does your country stand? Read on to find out how some of the most common countries for H-1B visa approvals are currently faring.

A Review of Top H-1B Visa Countries and Their Embassy Reopening Status

The US economy is nearly fully “business as usual.” That’s excellent news, except for the problem that many of these companies require specialized workers to fill their vacancies. With a country-wide shortage of workers, global supply chain issues, and other challenges thrown into the mix, thousands of businesses have openings waiting for an H-1B foreign worker’s H-1B visa approval.

Whether you’re a nonimmigrant waiting for news of your embassy’s reopening or a US employer hoping to receive the go-ahead to prepare for your new worker, we have the updates here in alphabetical order.


Brazil’s nonimmigrant and immigrant visa services are back to almost normal. The US embassy and consulates have resumed routine appointments, and foreigners entering the US do not need national interest exceptions. However, the wait for appointments is longer than usual.


As a border country to the US, Canada’s US Embassy and consulates see substantial numbers of US citizen requests and nonimmigrant visa services. The services currently available vary depending on the city processing the request. All US citizen services are processed, and most non immigrant services for visa requests are back to normal.


China’s embassy reopenings continue to be a work in progress. The US Embassy in Beijing closed due to the high number of COVID-19 cases. But Consulates Guangzhou and Shenyang reopened in January for routine consular services. Consulate General Wuhan is open for limited services for US citizens only, and Consulate Shanghai provides emergency services. These situations are currently expected until further notice is given.


In Columbia, the US Embassy Bogotá is back at regular status for routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services.


The US Embassy in Havana has been closed to all but exceptional visa processing requests and consular services since 2017. However, as of 2023, they have reopened at full capacity for all services.

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo’s US Embassy is open for all immigrant visa categories. Student visas and routine work visas are resumed. Anyone who received a cancellation for in-person tourist visa interviews effective March 13, 2020, is now rescheduled.


Immigrant visa services of all categories have resumed in Jakarta’s US embassy. Limited nonimmigrant visa category appointments are ongoing in Jakarta and Consulate General Surabaya.


All immigrant visa services are resumed at the Mumbai US Consulate. Should you need routine nonimmigrant services, these are open at a limited capacity at the US Embassy in New Delhi, as well as in the Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad consulates.


Immigrant and nonimmigrant services for visa requests continue to vary by city. Petitioners and those requesting renewals should expect longer than average waits.


Limited immigrant and nonimmigrant services for visa applicants and holders have resumed at the US Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate General in Lagos.


The Manila US Embassy is open for all routine visa services, with the caveat that interview wait times for all but immediate relatives are extremely long. Those requesting nonimmigrant visas are able to get in the queue, but those with urgent travel needs are prioritized. 


With the ongoing tensions in Russia and Ukraine, the US Embassy in Moscow has suspended immigrant visa services. The Embassy in Warsaw is processing those resident immigrant visa requests instead. Due to critically low shortages in staff, US Consulates in Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok are suspended, as well.


Routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services are resumed, and applicants can renew visas through approved mail couriers.


Consular services at the US Embassy in Kyiv are suspended due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. Consulate General Frankfurt is taking over Ukraine's processing requests. Individuals and families applying for IR-3 or -4 adoption visas must submit requests to the US Embassy in Warsaw.

United Kingdom

Routine visa services at the US Embassy in London and the US Consulate in Belfast are resumed. Appointments are limited, and the embassy and consulates continue to work through the backlog of requests.


All visa services are resumed at the US Embassy in Hanoi. Applicants for 221g requests must go to the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City for interviews. These are completed on a first-come, first-served basis between 8:30 am and 10:30 am on weekdays except Wednesdays and holidays.

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H-1B Visa

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I-485 Adjustment of Status

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National Interest Waiver (NIW)

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