What to Include in an H-1B Petition Letter

Putting together an H-1B petition letter is vital in the visa process. The letter is the first thing read by the person reviewing your petition, and it can make or break whether they proceed with examining the documentation you send along with your petition. Since this step must be completed so that everything necessary is included in the letter, we’ve created a sample template for you to use. 

Sections of an H-1B Petition Letter 

First, ensure you’re using the company letterhead to begin your letter. Set up the date and the US Department of Homeland Security/US Citizenship and Immigration Services address for the correct service center (flush left on your page).

Greet the reader professionally. “Dear Immigration Officer” works well. 

The body of your text will introduce your company and explain why you are submitting the letter and petition. We’ll provide a sample format of what you can include in the next section.

You should have descriptions of the petitioner, the position offered, and the beneficiary.

Sample H-1B Petition Letter

Always defer to your immigration attorney before you submit any documents to USCIS. They will likely have a template they prefer you use, or they may write this letter for you.

Here is a sample letter for you to review as you prepare your petition:

(Department Letterhead)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Appropriate Service Center

ATTN: H-1B Processing Unit

Appropriate Address


Re: Petition for H-1B Status for (include beneficiary’s full name as it appears on their passport)

Dear Immigration Officer (you may use “To Whom it May Concern” if you prefer):

This letter is in support of (employer’s name) H-1B petition for (beneficiary’s full name) who has been offered the position of (position title) in (name of company) to work in a specialty occupation under my supervision. The requested dates of the H-1B petition are (first date) to (last date). (Beneficiary’s name) will receive a salary of (x amount) per year.

Job Description

(Include a thorough explanation of the job description here.)

Skills, Experience, and Other Requirements for the Position

(Include a thorough description of the job's skills and requirements, such as the degree necessary and previous years of experience. Verify that the beneficiary has documentation that matches everything you’ve included here.)

(Beneficiary)’s Qualifications

(Beneficiary) meets the skills, experience, and other requirements for this position. He/she has a (degree level) in (field) from (accredited institution for the highest degree obtained). In addition to this degree, (Beneficiary) has experience (describe the qualifications that make this person relevant for your specialty occupation).

Thank you very much for your time and the consideration of (Beneficiary’s name) for this H-1B petition.

Sincerely (or another relevant closing),


Supervisor name

Supervisor title

What’s Next?

Writing this introductory letter is not difficult, but it is crucial that everything you include supports the intended beneficiary. If you don’t explain the specialty position clearly enough, it could raise flags as to how your Labor Conditions Application was approved. If it’s too complex, USCIS may feel the beneficiary doesn’t have sufficient experience to do the job.

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