The USCIS announced earlier today that the agency will be changing on of their policies as it relates to the I-693 Medical Exam. The medical exam is a crucial process for anyone based in the United States who is pursuing a green card or adjustment of status (for marriage green card applicants as well). The I-693 Medical Exam is actually a form that every applicant needs to take to a licensed physician and have them complete in order for the applicant to remain eligible for a green card. Prior to today’s announcement, any adjustment of status applicant needed to have their doctor’s signature on the I-693 within a 60 day window of submitting their exam and supplementary documents with their I-485 application.

However, the new policy is effectively waiving this 60 day rule, allowing applicants who are filing for a green card to submit I-693s even if the physician in question signed the form longer than 60 days before filing. This policy change is meant to accommodate more AOS applicants who might have received medical exams, but have been effectively backlogged and unable to schedule another appointment because of delays related to Covid-19 and scheduling. The policy allows more individuals to file their I-485 applications, instead of possibly having to wait months on end for another physical exam.

Effect on I-485 Applications

This policy change has been put into effect in order to speed up green card processing, and also to help a number of Afghans who have been resettled in the United States and have medical exams that were completed at government facilities. Because of the nature of the I-485 and its lengthy requirements, the waiving of the 60 day rule also helps domestic applicants by allowing them to file for a green card and not worry if they are just missing the 60 day rule.

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