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Filing Tips for your Green Card Medical Exam

May 16, 2022
Medical exams for green cards no longer need to conducted within a 60 day time frame of submitting your I-485 application. However, there is still a 2-year validity period associated with all immigrant medical exams.

What are Leading Reasons Immigrants Decide not to Naturalize?

January 20, 2022
Some immigrants cite issues with their finances and footing the naturalization bill, while others simply still hold an attachment to their country of origin and aren’t compelled to become Americans.

Can you Apply for a Green Card if you Aren’t Vaccinated?

January 3, 2022
The short answer is no. Almost all green card applicants will not be able to make it through the medical exam process, an eligibility requirement, unless they are vaccinated.

USCIS Will Now Accept Dated Medical Exam Records

December 10, 2021
The 60 day rule for medical exams has been waived in order to create more efficiencies in processing green card applications.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for Green Card Applicants: What you Need to Know

October 7, 2021
Green card applicants need to touch base with their medical exam provider to see whether or not they can schedule a Covid shot at their actual appointment, or if they will need it completed beforehand.

Updates on Immigration and the Covid-19 Vaccine

October 6, 2021
Getting vaccinated has become a requirement for green card applicants residing in the U.S. Consular processing applicants might be eligible for a waiver based on the availability or accessibility of the vaccine in their home country.

Should You Be Concerned About Health-Related Inadmissibility?

September 7, 2021
Your health is important. The following guide helps immigrant visa applicants understand health-related inadmissibility in relation to U.S. immigration and the safety of other citizens.

Considerations for Asylees Looking to File an Adjustment of Status

March 23, 2021
Filing an I-485 as an asylee demands an in-depth understanding of the form that will be backed up to the applicants A-file for consistency purposes. Oftentimes asylees have incomplete A-files because of the nature of how they departed from their country of origin.

K-1 Visa to Adjustment of Status: Documents and Fees

March 1, 2021
This blog covers the required documentation needed for K-1 visa holders who will be residing in the United States and plan on filing for an adjustment of status.

Marriage Green Card Guide: Living in the U.S. and Married to a Green Card Holder (LPR)

February 19, 2021
In this case, the process is ultimately much longer than other types of processing due to having to wait for the I-130 to be processed separately from the I-485 application and other supporting documents.
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